Our Process

Brandano Displays is the turn-key destination for holiday lighting and decor. Our award winning staff will work with you on translating your holiday vision into reality with a mixture of lighting, props and decor. From there, our production team will fabricate the designs and layout all the necessary items for each venue. Finally, our certified installers will bring everything to the venue and install according to the design. 


Holiday Lighting Design & Layout

Our designers have worked with venues of all shapes and sizes to bring the holiday spirit to any environment. We pull from thousands of our previous projects for inspiration, while also having the ability to utilize our production staff to fabricate custom fixtures as needed. 

The Brandano Display team will perform a site visit to learn more about the environment and work with your team on listing out all the necessary components to meet your vision and your budget. 

Fabrication & Production

The Brandano Display production facility is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL where we fabricate and refurbish over 100,000 lights and fixtures annually. Our team is well versed in an array of fields to create a finished product. 

In addition to creating traditional lighting and fixtures, our team can also build intelligent animated lighting and integrate the necessary control systems to make lighting management simple for your staff. 



Installation, Removal & Refurbishment

We have the necessary trucks, cranes and other equipment to handle the installation of any project. Whether hanging hundreds of banners on a city street, building a 100 ft. high holiday prop, or lighting trees throughout a Zoo, our team can manage the install of almost any project. 

Once the holiday or event is over, we will quickly remove all the lighting and fixtures, in addition to refurbishing and storing all of your owned lights for use next year.