Brandano Displays works with venues of all shapes and sizes, delivering a range of lighting and display options that can be personalized to meet the requirements of the venue. Our extensive line of holiday displays is one of the largest in the United States, with new designs being released each holiday season.

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Shopping Center

Malls and shopping centers are the heart of the holidays. We offer a variety of displays for both indoor and outdoor malls that can meet the requirements and esthetic of any shopping center, including large entrance displays. 



From giant trees to wreaths to bows, we have everything you need to create a festive environment at your business. We can handle both indoor and outdoor needs, providing all of the install, set-up and breakdown that you may need. 

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Zoo & Botanical

We work closely with the marketing and creative teams at Zoos and Botanical Gardens to create beautiful lighting effects. We also create custom displays, including illumincated sculptured animals and flora/fauna.


Hotel & Resorts

We design photo worthy holiday displays for hotels and resorts across the country. Elaborate interior displays and elegant outdoor lighting will immediately draw guests and staff alike into the holiday spirit. 

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City Center

Cities and town centers utilize our displays for tree and building lighting, as well as larger props or illuminated displays. We've worked with cities and municipalities of all sized to create stunning visuals and experiences.

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Unique Applications

Our nimble design and production teams allows us to create custom displays by request. There is very little we can't create, so we often bring paper napkin concepts to life with the beauty and reliablity that you expect. 

Top notch service, vast product selection and able to meet our annual budget.
— South Florida Customer